New to working from home? No panic!

A few suggestions for the people working from home for the first time (I’ve been working from home for 5 years):

– Plan your day the evening before

I am not a fan of ‘to do’ lists as you always end up by listing much more than you can do, and getting frustrated at the end of the day for not fulfilling your tasks.

I rather plan my day by projects/activities that I have to complete (which generally include multiple tasks). This way is much easier to be realistic about what can be achieved in one day, and the list will look much shorter and therefore not overwhelming.

Plan some time for the unexpected, because there is always something that someone else is going to throw at you and it is urgent

– Manage the distractions

An idea could be to plan the distractions – for example coffee break, check in on the children, etc. and use the distraction must be a reward for completing a task, so that you can’t have the distraction until you have finished.

As for The social media, you can empty the cache of your browser, it will remove your logging credentials, the moment you have to re-enter them that instinct of ‘just giving a quick look’ will have passed. Turn off the notifications on you phone, and keep the phone in another room (if you can)

– Have an area of the house destined to work

Possibly a room or studio where you can close the door, so that you can replicate your office routine by getting in and out of the room. Don’t change place everyday and above all don’t work from your bedroom (if you can), it would be very difficult to switch off at the end of the working hours

– Have a routine

Wake up at the same time even now that, not having to commute and take the kids to school, you have more time to sleep. Going out (even if this means sipping your coffee on the doorstep) and get 15 minutes of vitamin D in the morning will help you big time with energy levels and good mood throughout the day. You can exercise at home, no need of the gym. There are videos on every social media to inspire you. Make sure you have breaks every 2 hours, at least, and you don’t skip lunch because you are busy. Don’t eat at your desk. When you finish work, close the door and switch off completely. Enjoy the time with your family and have a routine for bedtime.

If you have further suggestions, please post below. Any idea is welcome.