Motivational videos don’t work

Stop watching motivational videos … they do not work!

Are you starting to believe to the Law of Attraction and therefore you expect keep watching videos while you think with intensity of what you want in life is enough? Let me disappoint you: happiness, success, money, and everything you have always wanted will not fall from the sky just because you want it!

You must TAKE ACTION! Only if you take action you will trigger the law of attraction. To pursue what you desire, you have to engage in a long and hard journey that very often doesn’t even follow a straight line but very often is full of obstacles.

Let me give you a very simple example. According to the law of attraction, if for any reason you develop an interest in a specific car, you will see that car all around you even though the day before you could have sworn nobody had that car. This happened to me. I had always had second hand cars because I could not afford buying brand new ones; at some point, I realised that they were costing me more in petrol, service, and motor tax than a new one, so I decided to buy a new one. Being on a budget, I had to look for the cheapest car on the market that would still be reliable (I love Alfa Romeo but for now it is reserved to my dreams). When I found the one that checked all the boxes, one I had never seen around and never heard of, I started seeing that car often on the roads. I then went to the car dealer in my town and test-drove the car and do you know what? During the week it took me to make the decision, that had become the most popular car in my town! Now, I suppose that in a small town such as where I live, the only car dealer had not sold thousands of the same car in a week only! So, what triggered the law of attraction here? The actions I took in relation to the car: the research on line and going to test-drive the car.

Are you watching the 90th motivational video this week, or reading a self-help book, in the hope that somebody will tell you what your dream is and why you feel so un-fulfilled? I want to be completely honest with you: nobody will ever be able to tell you what your dream is!

Once you decide time has come to pursue your dream, you have to be willing not only to put hard work in, but to accept failure as well. A number of failures will be inevitable, you may be very skilled and fail less or less skilled and fail more, but it will not be all plain sailing. But hey, you may very well fail in something you do not like, would you not rather fail in something that you like?

If you are not willing to put the had work in, and if you cannot accept and handle failure, don’t even engage! It means you are not ready.

Unfortunately, some times good intentions are not enough, as your mental and physical wellbeing are in the way. As a lot of work is needed to make your dreams come true, you need a lot of mental and physical energy to begin the journey. In order to secure the necessary level of energy, you need to make sure that you pay a lot of attention to each of the three pillars that – each alone – can determine your overall wellbeing: nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

We will discuss the importance of each of them separately, for now stop reading and take at least one step that takes you closer to your goal … NOW!